Waste Skip Bin

Skip Bins are commonly used to loads of wastes such as General Waste, Green Waste & Lumper, Industrial Waste, Household Waste, and Scrap Metal.

This waste can be displaced from one point to another in Skip Bins that is later used to remove waste and clean-out jobs. Our featured Skip Bins types to consider for your need:

  • Marrel Skip Bins
  • Hook Lift Skip Bins
  • Mobile Skip Bins
Marrel Skip Bin

Marrel Skip Bin is the most widely used bin, both for domestic and industrial waste, with bins sizes starting from 2m3 through to 8m3.

Our Marrel Skip Bin generally have higher sides and and are shorter in length than a Hooklift Skip, so it’s an ideal option for small spaces storage.

Hook Lift Skip Bin

Hook Lifts are predominately hired for Commercial and Industrial waste disposal where there tends to be quire large amounts of waste that is needed to be removed.

The Hook Lift are rectangular in shape and have larger rear opening doors for those jobs that require the use of a bobcat to drive into the bin.

Mobile Skip Bin

Mobile Skip Bins are perfect solution for those hard to place locations. Our Mobile Bins comes with Loackable Lids.

HectoAmp offers 4m3 size bin with 2 variant:

  • Mobile Trailer Skip Bin
  • Tipper Trailer Skip Bin