Flood Control Solution

Water Gate Barrier

The Water Gate provided by HectoAmp is a temporary flood barrier system which is unique in the way that, once rolled out, it self-deploys. It is the most EFFECTIVE solution on the market to prevent flooding or water damage from a broken aqueduct.

The Water-Gate’s durability allow for it to be reused safely for decades. We can’t deny the fact that the polyester fabric coated with PVC which is ultra robust and abrasion resistant for installations on all types of surfaces.

Hesco Barrier

Another floor control and prevention solution by HectoAmp is the Hesco Barrier which is commonly used for perimeter protection, border control and temporary accommodation bunkers. However, It is now being used for flood control measurements due to it’s capability and performance. It is widely function as permanent solution.


The Hesco Barrier system manufactured from welded Zinc-Aluminium coated steel mesh or galvanized steel wire mesh and lined with heavy-duty non-woven polypropylene geo-textile. The unique design, strength and versatility enable corners to be constructed easily, shaping the defensive barrier to the surrounding landscape and when joined and filled, the system can be used to create barriers of exceptional strength and structural integrity.

Boxwall Barrier

The  Boxwall option is the ideal choice for low cost and instant measurement control solution by HectoAmp as it is a freestanding Flood Barrier designed for use in urban environments that feature hard and even surfaces like asphalt streets and concrete floors.

At 3.4kg per 500mm high flood barrier unit, each BoxWall mobile flood barrier unit is approximately equal to 5 sandbags in a single stack. Therefore the BoxWall flood barrier is ideal for setting up on streets and paths, across car parks, in industrial areas, around shopping malls, in harbours and at airports.